Zenith Introduces Super Duty On Opening Day at Oshkosh

The STOL CH 750 Super Duty.

Yes, this is the new aircraft design from Zenith Aircraft Company which it introduces on the opening day of EAA AirVenture in OshKosh.

Chris Heintz is the aeronautical engineer who has designed this latest model in the high wing line of Zenith.

The STOL CH 750 Super Duty (SD) is an upgraded version of STOL CH 750 – the two seat light sport aircraft.

A jump seat is added in the rear cabin and option for new engine for maximum short takeoff and landing (STOL) performance. The aircraft has increased gross weight along with increased load.

Where are the Avionics?

As you will enter the airplane you will notice something different immediately and that is the traditional instrument panel will be missing.

A single free standing 17 inch display has taken the place of the traditional instrument panel.

This 17 inch display is the Avilution Unpanel integrated avionics.

This Unpanel display is available as an option for Zenith kit customers. It takes the place of a collection of traditional controls, instruments and smaller displays.

Company official are quick to claim that the installation of 17 inch display in the cabin gives the feeling of helicopter in the CH 750 fuselage.

Moreover, the visibility of the aircraft also increased something like that of a helicopter.

The cabin area stretches 42 inches in width and 50 inches in height. It gives enough room to shoulders and the credit goes to the standard double doors.

Moreover, the front seat can be adjusted.

The rear jump seat in the rear cabin area can comfortably carry a soul of up to 200 pounds, claims Zenith officials.

What Powers This Beautiful Aircraft?

The STOL CH 750 Super Duty gets its power from a 205 HP IO-375 engine from Aero Sport Power.

The prototype aircraft introduced at AirVenture has a gross weight of 1,900 pounds.

The aircraft gets its maximum propulsion from a 82 inch Sensenich propeller, which enables it to have maximum STOL.

Just like other models from Zenith, you have different options in engines to choose from, ranging from 150 HP to 205 HP.

Highlighting the distinct features of CH 750 SD, company officials say that the aircraft has full length flaperons – full length flaps and ailerons, which will provide superior handling in slow flight.

The aircraft also features fixed wing leading edge slats which provides exceptional performance in STOL.

Talking more about Wings

Wing span in the new aircraft has been increased to give maximum load carrying capacity. The wing area is now 162 square feet as the span has been increased to 33 feet, 5 inches.

There is no compromise on short takeoff and landing capability with this increase.

Company officials also noted that the latest kit the CH 750 Super Duty from Zenith Aircraft Company has been manufactured with extensive use of final hole size match-drilled parts and assemblies.

With all the material available it will still take few hundred hours of basic assembly to put everything together, after using pulled blind rivets as primary fasteners.

Lets Check Some Performance

The demonstrated takeoff roll for the STOL CH 750 Super Duty is 115 feet.

The aircraft can climb at a rate of 1,350 FPM and can cruise at a speed of 105 MPH. This performance is with bus tires and without any speed mods.

The aircraft can stop within 150 feet upon touch down and the stall speed is 34 MPH.

The Zenith Aircraft Company is in plans to provide the aircraft with Full Lotus float also, which will increase its gross weight to 2,200 pounds.

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