Why These 7 Light Sport Aircraft Are So Popular

Light sport aircraft cruised on the aviation scene almost a decade back. The array of models, brands and configuration offered is simply amazing.

Ever since the regulations were introduced, this blossoming industry is introducing a new offering almost every month.

There are numerous factors to consider before you can purchase your new light sport bird, thanks to so many choices available.

Manufacturers make effort to take care of the interest of nearly every pilot, along with adhering to the seat count and speed parameters set by FAA.

There is no absolute right or absolute wrong in this list. It is not a final judgment on any aircraft, it just demonstrate the most famous choices.

With so many choices available, it is nearly impossible to pick every light sport aircraft.

Before we get started there are two points of clarification:

  1. According to FAA, light sport aircraft belong to a specific category. You can fly a vintage certified model or a kit airplane with a sport pilot certificate provided the plane fulfills FAA parameters. There is no need for a medical.
  2. There are limitations in a sport pilot certificate but it doesn’t apply to light sport aircraft.

Aircrafts that are discussed here are factory manufactured and are in LSA category.

Flight Design CTLS (Germany)

CTLSi is the latest model from Flight Design and since day one it is conquered a major portion of the market. The last letter of this model signifies the fuel injected 912 i’S Sport engine from Rotax.

Engines from Rotax powers nearly 75% of the LSA fleet across the globe. 98% of the aircraft is made of carbon fiber and is 10 inches bigger than a Cessna 172. Some of the standard features of CTLSi 2020 Edition include:

  • Max speed 120 kts / 974 NM range – cross country capable
  • BRS 1350 High Speed Full Airframe Parachute System
  • Electric pitch trim and leather seat standard
  • Garmin GTR 225 Com, Dynon SV 1090 ES transponder
  • Dynon SV integrated, two-axis digitally linked autopilot

You can get complete information about this bird from www.flightdesignusa.com

Cub Crafter Carbon Cub (USA)

Cub Crafters have stimulated LSA market with a new vigor, with sales reaching to nearly 50 a year. Beautifully crafted Carbon Cub resembles is Piper namesake. The latest version of the bird is quite sophisticated.

The name of aircraft is derived from carbon fiber that is used to adhere to weight limitations. The construction material also gives it a highly finished appearance. This LSA is powered by a 180 hp Titan engine.

Know more from www.cubcrafters.com

Czech Sport Aircraft Sport Cruiser (Czech)

This aircraft was called the Piper Sport for a year and it instantly grabbed the attention of general aviation pilots. The manufacturer made a good start, however, the company didn’t continue for long.

This all-metal, low-wing airplane still attracts many customers. The bird offers:

  • Excellent comfort
  • Very low stall speed
  • A good cross country speed.

It can be said that LSA fleet is not complete without the mention of Sport Cruiser. Know more about this aircraft from www.ussportaircraft.com

Tecnam (Italy) Light Sport Aircraft

This Italian based company is one of the largest sellers of general aviation aircraft’s. Tecnam has several light sport aircraft models. Astore is one the newest and its notable low wing place which gives company to some handsome high wing aircrafts.

Tecnam started its operation in 1948 which makes it one of the oldest companies. It has largest number of options in light aviation category including twin-rotax aircraft and a type-certified four-seater.

Purchasing aircraft from this big manufacturer gives additional benefits with no balance payment till the aircraft is ready to deliver and is in US. Know what this manufacturer has in offer for you: www.tecnam.net

American Legend Cub (USA)

The love affair between yellow tail draggers and American flyers has pushed another aircraft manufacturer to the top of the list. Several models powered with engines from Lycoming and Continental is offered by this all-American Texas enterprise.

Most of the orders come for completely built Special LSA models. Legend also has a kit version known as the Texas Sport and also an amphibious float version. All the aircrafts from American Legend Cub come with a reasonable price tag. Read more about this bird at www.legend.aero

Evektor Harmony (Czech)

Evektor Sportstar is the very first aircraft that got FAA acceptance in the light sport category. This Czech company is packed with engineers and it also has presence in the field of automobiles.

The sophisticated Harmony fits more in the general aviation category than as a light sport aircraft. The well-equipped Harmony is comfortable, smooth and has all-metal wings. Evektor, just like Tecnam, also offers four-seat EV-55 and Cobra and a nine-passenger twin-turbine aircraft. Read more about these aircrafts at www.evektor.com

Jabiru J320 (Australia / USA)

This is one company that offers both engine and airframe from the same brand in the light-sport category. Jabiru J320 is powered by six-cylinder 120 hp Jabiru 3300. The aircraft is sold as a kit in its home country Australia. The four-seater aircraft runs quite smoothly.

This bird has a unique three-door entry and a huge cabin. The manufacturer operates in USA through its Shelbyville, Tennessee plant where aircrafts are assembled from down under. You can obtain more information about Jabiru at www.usjabiru.com


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