Two 14 Year Old Teens, Pilot Killed in Summer Camp Flight in Switzerland

A single engine plane crashed into a Swiss mountain killing on Friday killing two 14 year old boys and a pilot. According to police, the flight was carried out during a summer camp flight for young aviation enthusiasts.

The Aero-Club of Switzerland camp in the canton of Graubunden had organized the flight in the single engine aircraft.

A 17 year old female camper was also hurt badly in the crash in the eastern canton of the Grisons.

Police said that investigation is carried out to find the cause of the small plane crash in the mountainous region.

According to Yves Burkhardt, Aero-Club camp director, this flight was supposed to be the highlight of the event once the week long camp had ended.

Mr. Burkhardt also added that the club has been running this youth summer activity camp for 35 years and never has such incident happened.

As per regional Graubueden police, the plane that crashed in the mountains was a single engine Piper PA-28, which is usually used for training flights.

The small plane had undergone a complete technical inspection just last month. The pilot flying the airplane was an experienced one and had already flown earlier in the day, according to area police spokesman Roman Ruegg.

The Piper PA-28 crashed just 10 minutes after takeoff and this was the second flight of the day for the four seat aircraft.

The plummeting airplane was watched by a group of tourists who had taken a gondola ride to view the mountainous range.

The crash has happened at the foot of the Diavolezza mountain station, around 62 miles northeast of Milan, near the Swiss border with Italy.

A ban on all flight within a 2.7 mile radius of the crash has been ordered by the Swiss Federal Aviation Authorities, as reported by ATS news.

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