True, Tried and New Model Lines from Georgia Company Maule ASir

Maule Air Inc. is a family owned aircraft making company. The manufacturer has added four new variations to its product line. It comes with a design that has worked quite successfully in the past that includes 900 pounds of useful load along with seating for two. The last salient feature is the introductory price of $199,000.

Maule Air has been manufacturing planes from 55 years. It delivered its first plane in 1962 which was known as Jetasen. This makes Maule Air the oldest aircraft manufacturer in continuous production.

The family head of this Georgia based company, B. D. Maule designed the tail dragger for those who are seriously in love with flying.

The rugged machine provided by the aircraft maker that features short field capabilities and rugged steel tube truss fuselage has sustained it through highs and lows. The new models can be recognized instantly as they carry the company’s heritage.

Maule Air was once dubbed as the “Potato Head Factory” by an FAA official as there was distinguishable similarity in every model.

The company celebrated its golden anniversary in 2012 with M-9-235 sported a golden stripe. Maules are flying in more than 50 countries and good maintenance has helped the family business stood the test of time, when other aircraft manufacturer became history.

The company is in aviation business for 75 years and has been continuously producing aircrafts for 55 years. It continues to stay committed to produce reliable, rugged and capable aircrafts that can fly well and can be used in various missions.

New variations of the long-running theme were announced in January by Maule Air. The original four seater and two seater M-4-180V S2 and S4 were also re-launched with Lycoming O-360 180-hp engine turning a constant speed propeller from Hartzell.

Brent Maule, the vice president of sales and grandson of B.D. Maule said in an interview that it’s different. The new M-4 models are much similar to the original model, featuring the classic round tail, with many changes.

The new M-4 models have all-metal wings and a 38-cubic-foot cargo area that can carry 900 pounds of useful load. The cargo area can be accessed through two big doors.

The aircraft can fly on automotive fuel with supplemental type certificate.

The new M-4 180V S2 comes with an introductory price tag of $199,900.

According to Maule the aircraft is already in production and will be available from late spring or early summer.

Two new variations of the bigger aircraft, M-9 have also been announced by Maule Air.

The M-9-260 gets its power from a fuel-injected Lycoming IO-540 260 HP engine. The M-9-235 model now comes installed with a carbureted O-540 that can fly on automotive fuels provided it has supplemental type certification.

The M-9 models can fly with four people and can also accommodate a fifth person in the cargo area jump seat. With the capability to fly with around 1,100 pounds of useful loads depending on equipment options, this model is for serious business.

M-9s can fly with four adults and 100 pounds of cargo for four hours or it can fly for 7 hours with two adults and 250 pounds of baggage, the aircraft maker stated.

The base prices of these beautiful and capable flying machines are:

  • M-9-235 (carbureted) – $297,900
  • Fuel-injected M-9-235 certified in 2012 – $307,900

All the models are equipped with modern engine instrumentation JPI EDM 930 engine analyzer and a full gyro panel.

There is lot of room for customizing the panel.

Looking at these remarkable features, it is easy to reason why Maule models are flying in every continent except in Antarctica.

Maule Air continues to make aircraft as per customer requirements.

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