Different Business and Different Service to People

Companies around the world spend millions in providing good customer service. As has been said by a reputed marketing professor, it is ten times more difficult to get a new customer, then to keep an existing one.

Few years back when I was in US, I went to a restaurant to have lunch. One of my colleague and my flight instructor were also there with me.

We had flown to some place from New Orleans and were feeling hungry as it was already afternoon time.

I don’t remember the name of restaurant neither the place we were at, but I do remember the amazing hospitality of that restaurant.

What actually happened was like this.

We all three ordered food at the restaurant, and thereafter sat on a table. After few minutes the waiter came up with order of the two people who were with me.

Another few minutes pass by, but my order was still not there. I was not annoyed, but surprised as to how this could happen. I was feeling really hungry so the wait of every second was looking like ages.

The two people who were with me were almost half way through their lunch. Now, I was not able to wait anymore, so I walked up to the counter and asked what happened to my order.

The lady at the counter had forgotten about it, so she apologized and asked me to give a few minutes and the order will be right there.

I came back to the table and after few minutes my lunch was finally here. The waiter said ‘sorry’ to me and gave me a gift card of free dine in the next time I ever come there.

This was something I had never seen in my country. It can never be seen at places where the food business in up and running good. Rarely do they care about the displeasure of a customer.

After all, their business will not be affected by a single displeased customer.

It was the first time I had been at this restaurant and in all likelihood I will never go back there. The restaurant is a good one and running good, with no shortage of customers. Still, they placed value on every single customer.

I can easily say that the little amount of frustration that I had due to delay in order was all gone.

Companies, regardless of which industry they are in or how successful they are, should never forget the concern of the customer. Particularly, when they have erred at some place.

I was made to write this article because on a number of occasions the business houses are still not concerned about the satisfaction of the customer. It is clearly evident when that business is in good shape.

In one of the incident that I had recently was with a tailor and boutique owner. This business owner sell women clothing and also provide stitching service.

The business is most likely in good shape.

My wife purchased a dress from this place and put it for stitching there itself. To my surprise, that business owner took good more than 4 months to stitch that dress!!

Yes, I am saying it true.

I don’t know, may be they were too busy to give service to us or may be they didn’t considered us as a valuable customer.

In these four months I had gone to that business nearly 6 times, if not more, and every time they said that the dress has not been stitched yet.

It was just so annoying. Every time they used to give me a date and every time I used to come back empty handed.

On my second last visit they asked me to come tomorrow, and when I went there the next day, the person was busy doing some work.

When she saw me, she asked for five minutes still. She said the dress is almost stitched and just five minutes of needle work is left.

The wait of the last five minutes was also over and I got the dress finally after a wait of 4 months.

As I was moving out that shop, I swear to myself to never come to this shop again.

I Still Wonder….

I am still not able to understand as to why this lady did so. She was busy sewing something when I went there the last time. So, she was able to work, but, how come some other order is more important than my.

I was not taking the service for free. Why did she made me wait even on the last minute.

Quite possibly my order must have been of less value from that of other customers.

Why We Human Beings Have Lost Our Peace of Mind

Yesterday I saw a video clip on Facebook, it showed how we, human beings, can now make artificial clouds and thus create artificial rain.

Certainly, we, human beings have controlled our environment since the very beginning. Constantly, we have been trying to make our life comfortable.

We created automobiles to travel long distances with least amount of effort. We have created air-conditioners to control the temperature we live in.

One of the most remarkable achievements of mankind is the development of these mobile phones with which we can stay connected at any time of the day regardless of wherever we are.

But, do you really believe that we, human beings, are more connected than ever before. Well, I have big doubts on it. I will talk on this matter in some other article.

Here, I highlight the comfort in life that human beings have created for themselves. Phenomenal advancement in pharmaceuticals and medical science can treat disease that were feared the most in the past.

I am sitting here in my home with a fan rotating over me to cool me down in this hot weather. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough money to purchase an air-conditioner, otherwise, I would have created a more comfortable environment for myself.

If we, human beings, have created so much comfort for ourselves, so why are there so many depressed and tensed people around.

Why do people suffer from depression still? Why do people have mental breakdown? Why after living in such comfortable and luxurious life, that people still search for peace of mind.

Why not these worldly comfort and pleasures do not give us the much needed peace of mind.

It is because all the machines and gadgets provide us physical comfort, they do not provide us mental comfort.

There is a thin line that differentiate these two aspects. Let’s take an example.

A person, for some work or reason, had to walk nearly 2 miles in the middle of the day in scorching heat to reach home. He was sweating profusely and his throat was running dry. His body / physical being was at torture and was fighting with his mind to go at some place comfortable.

Now, there are two options, he can either relax under a tree (which are quite hard to find in big metro cities) and sip some water to replenish his lost body fluid.

The second option, the most obvious one in metro cities, is he can turn on the fan and / or air-conditioner of the home.

Now, in the first option, the person has to pay almost nothing. It cost nothing to relax under the shade of a tree (if at all you are able to find one, because, we, human beings have cut so many trees already).

To use this first option this person will not have to earn anything. Although, the comfort under a tree will be slow comparatively, but in the long run it will be good for his health.

To use the second option, or to use the second form of comfort, the person will first have to purchase a fan and / or air-conditioner and will have to pay electricity bill. This means he will have to earn something.

So, through this example we can see that, we, intelligent, human beings have created a wonderful machine, “air-conditioner”, which gives our physical body a comfortable environment to live in, but….

It has also created for us a need to earn more to have that machine. Now, this need to earn more, creates tension and depression.

Few Year Back…..

There was a telephone at our home when I was a kid, a small black machine sitting comfortably on a table just beside the refrigerator.

Many years pass, but that telephone remained the same. But, in today’s world people change their mobile phones almost every year or two, on average, if not more.

I myself have purchased 2 phones in the past 5 years. The last phone that I had, was with me for more than 3 years, it was working just fine. There was no problem as such in using that phone, except that, the technology had gone obsolete.

It had a 1 gb processor which was not working properly as per the latest software, so I had to purchase a new one. A ‘need’ created unnecessarily. I spend nearly 35,000 on something which will not stop my breathe if I didn’t had it, or will it!!

This additional need pushes me to earn more, and to loose my peace of mind.

But, can we do anything about it, I don’t think we can….!! We are human beings!!!