A Small Plane Turned Killer at Sao Jao Beach Killing 2 People in Portuguese

There is an old saying that death and customer can come at any time.

While the latter is mostly welcome, but the former brings in sorrow and grief.

Who knew that this will be the last trip to a beach for a 56 year old man and an 8 year girl.

Death came from the sky in the form of a small plane Cessna 152.

This sad incident happened on a packed Portuguese beach, where the two were enjoying their time in the open sun.

The small plane Cessna 152 was out of control and made a low fly over the sand before making an emergency landing.

Others on the beach ran away in panic for their life, fearing they too might be hit by the small plane.

Some people even ran into the sea at the beach at Caprica, nearly 20 miles south of Lisbon.

What is left are the parents of the dead girl who will forever be grieving the loss of their little girl.

Anytime they will come to this beach in future, the memories of their sweet little girl will haunt them.

The other victim, 56 year old man was sunbathing on a towel when the small plane passed over his leg.

Thankfully, no other person on the beach was injured or hit, including the two occupants of the small plane.

The two people on board have been taken away by the police.

The mob at the beach became furious and called the trainee pilot a “killer”.

Witnesses described that the small plane was almost silent when it came close to the beach. This is the reasons most of the people on the beach were caught unaware.

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It is believed that the plane possible had an engine failure and was now able to maintain flight.

It has been found that the Cessna 152 was flown by a trainee pilot and an instructor. The two will now be questioned by the police.

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