Redbird Flight Simulations Launches Rugged Flight Simulators for Schools

Redbird Flight Simulations has come out with a specialized and updated version of its desktop flight simulations.

This simulator from Redbird Flight Simulations has been created with the objective to meet the demands of museums, high and middle schools and public access kiosks.

The Jay Velocity Edition will give support to schools that invest in STEM education.

According to company officials, the clean-sheet design of the simulator given priority to one thing in the classroom – provide student learning within little fuss.

There is no requirement to install any systems and no peripherals to configure.

The full motion simulators developed by Redbird Flight Simulations shares the design components with the Jay Velocity that have the capability to withstand endless hours of abuse that happens in schools across the globe.

Students will get the opportunity to take flight in a variety of environments and in a range of different aircraft.

Joey Colleran, Director of Business Development, Redbird Flight Simulations, stated that schools will have to work to personalize learning of students and utilize the classroom time better. Learning becomes more engaging and enhanced when the right technology is used.

Colleran added that the company is proud of building tools that can create interest of students in flight training and aviation and the ones that promote and foster STEM education.

The software that has been used on Jay Velocity uses the same code as the one used to power FAA certified machines.

Setting up is Easy, Usage is Easy

As claimed by the manufacturer, the Jay Velocity is one of the simplest desktop simulator ever built. It is ready to be used in 10 minutes or less.

The Jay Velocity has been manufactured in the same facility in Austin, Texas where full-motion Advanced Aviation Training Devices are manufactured. The chassis is made of metal and not of plastic, which means it is made to last indefinitely.

Powerful Training Comes from Professional Level Software

The software that powers the Jay Velocity is Lockheed Prepare3D (to be pronounced as “prepared”). Prepare3D has evolved from Microsoft’s FSX, and has been expanded and enhanced for professional level simulations.

This implies most of the aircraft, plug-ins, and communities that are designed for FSX will run effortlessly on the Jay Velocity.

Experience Flying Different Aircraft

A diverse selection of aircraft comes pre-loaded in the Jay Velocity for fun and learning. Moreover, almost any FSX aircraft or addition from any of these developers will run:

  • Eaglesoft

  • Carenado

  • A2A Simulations

Aircraft that are pre-loaded include:

  • Cessna 172SP with G1000

  • Cessna 172SP with analog gauges

  • Mooney Bravo with G1000

  • Mooney Bravo with analog gauges

  • Beech Baron with G1000

  • Beech Baron with analog gauges

  • Maule M7 on Skis

  • Maule M7

  • Piper Cub

  • Lockheed Constellation

  • Beech King Air 350

  • Cessna Grand Caravan

  • Yak-52

  • Extra 300S

Bluebird Flight Simulations can be purchased using the website of the company. The starting price tag of these simulators is $3,995.

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