Part 23 Rewrite Welcomed by Electric Aircraft Manufacturers

The rewrite of Part 23 is complete and this is something to rejoice for the developers of electric aircraft. As per the new changed rules, certified airplanes will be allowed to be manufactured with electric propulsion.

According to George Bye, CEO, Aero Electric Aircraft Corporation, heavier, larger general aviation size of aircraft having electric propulsion will benefit considerably from the rewrite of Part 23.

Aero Electric Aircraft Corp is in the process of making Sun Flyer, an electrically powered airplane.

George Bye added that one of the distinctive benefit of the new rule is that the weight of the two-set training aircraft Sun Flyer can be increased. It will now be able to carry additional batteries that will lead to greater utility, enhanced flight endurance and broader acceptance in the market.

More than 100 deposits have been taken by Aero Electric Aircraft Corp. for its two-seat Sun Flyer. The company is of the view that it will become the first all-electric aircraft certified by FAA. It will be available for the flight training and general aviation market.

Sun Flyer is still in its design and testing phase, however, the first prototype of the airplane was released last year in May. Testing of the aircraft started in the end of last year.

The Part 23 rewrite was published in its final form in mid-December. The aim of this rewrite was to make certification of general aviation airplanes easier under Part 23.

Airplanes having seating capacity of 19 or less and weighing less than 19,000 pounds are included in this category. The new rules will make it easy for manufacturers to bring in new safety features in airplanes.

The More Electric Aircraft Market

It is projected that the more electric aircraft market will increase from US$ 7.68 Billion in 2016 to US$ 10.94 Billion in 2021.

The major factors that derive the more electric aircraft market are:

  • The need for optimized aircraft performance
  • Reduction in airport noise and carbon emission
  • Decrease in maintenance and operating cost of aircraft’s.

When compared with conventional aircraft system, the architecture of more electric aircraft required fewer non-moving and moving parts.

All these benefits are pulling aircraft manufacturers to make progress in the more electric aircraft with better components, architecture and engines.

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All the subsystems of the more electric aircraft including utility functions, environmental control system and flight control actuation will make use electric energy in place of pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical means.

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