Occupants Escape Small Crash in Water off West Seattle

A small plane crashed Monday in Puget Sound off West Seattle. All the occupants were able to move out without any injury.

Seattle Police stated the small plane crash happened close to 6000 block of Beach Drive Southwest in West Seattle.

The two men occupants were able to safely move to the shore. No other information was available immediately of the two.

KOMO’s Air 4 captured some aerial footage of the scene showing the small plane in shallow water quite close to the shore with the tip of the tail protruding above the water surface.

Divers tied the airplane to make sure it does not slip further into water.

The Seattle Police, Seattle Fire Department and Coast Guard responded to the scene. The aircraft was checked by the emergency crew to make sure no one else was on board at the time of the crash.

The Seattle-Bremerton ferry Kaleetan was called in briefly to help after the small plane landed. It is now running 30 minutes late since it returned to its normal route.

The small plane has been identified by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as Cessna 172, which has sustained substantial damage.

The crash will now be investigated by National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and FAA.

No oil leaks have been found in Puget Sound by the Department of Ecology. A barge with a crane will be called in to pull the Cessna 172 out of the water.

One of the Two People Killed in Southern California Small Plane Crash Identified

In another development, one of the two people killed when a small plane crashed into Southern California mountains has been identified as a San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputy.

The downed plane was found in a remote part of Big Bear Mountain by searchers. The body of 28 year old Rebecca Joan Raymond was recovered along with an unidentified man.

According to FAA spokesman Allen Kenitzer, the small plane Cessna 172 Skyhawk take off from Big Bear City airport and was heading to Apple Valley Airport.

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The search was triggered when the authorities were informed that the plane didn’t reached its destination.

The cause of the crash is still not known and is still being investigated.

The name of the man is still not released and is said to be Raymond’s boyfriend. The two had rented the Cessna 172 for the weekend and were going to Big Bear to celebrate their anniversary.

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