Mooney Ultras gets Certification

The FAA has given complete certification to the M20V Acclaim Ultra and M20U Ovation Ultra, the latest two aircraft from Mooney International Corporation.

According to company officials, the latest offerings from Mooney, Acclaim and Ovation Ultras comes with a number of enhancements, such as:

  • Larger and wider entry doors for pilot and co-pilot – This will happen for the first time in history. The doors on both sides provides an additional four inches of space to enter and exit the aircraft easily.

  • A clean-sheet interior design – The cabin of the aircraft is inspired from luxury motorcars. It includes hand-stitched Italian-leather, ergonomic design, conveniently placed cabin environment slide controls, a center console for keypad and USB outlets.

  • A composite-wrapped cabin for a quieter ride – The strong tubular cabin roll cage is wrapped with integrated, composite skin. With this the sleek aerodynamic design of the aircraft only becomes better.

  • The latest avionics – Garmin Nxi – As you get comfortable behind the yoke, you are greeted by sparkling Garmin avionics. It is a major shift from a panel that was crowded with toggles, switches and buttons.

According to Dr. Vivek Savena, CEO and president of Mooney International, the new Ultras from Mooney have been designed specifically to raise the bar for general aviation significantly, once again.

The products that are available in these new airplanes combines the latest technologies in aviation and is in line with the objective of Mooney to bring high-performance single engine piston aircraft to the market.

Mooney wants to deliver aircraft that are not ‘me too’ products, but they will be the that differentiate the company on the basis of customer experience and latest technology.

The delivery of first new Ultras will start almost instantly. The company has the target to build 50 new aircraft in the year 2017 and the orders have started to come in, according to company officials.

The first public appearance of completely certified Acclaim Ultra will be made at Sun n Fun from April 4 – 9, 2017.

Dimensions of Mooney Acclaim Ultras

  • Length of the aircraft is 26 ft 8 inches

  • From wing tip to wing tip, the width of the aircraft is 36 ft 6 inches

  • And it stands 8 ft 4 inches tall

Talking about the performance of the aircraft can reach a maximum cruising speed of 242 KTAS, has a service ceiling of 20,000 ft, and maximum climb rate of 1,300 FPM.

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