Mesa Golf Course Plane Crash Killed 2 People

Two people lost their life in an airplane crash that happened late Monday afternoon at a northeast Mesa golf course. One official described the scene as a ball of fire.

According to Eric Weiss, a spokesman of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), the Lancair Evolution crashed about half-mile east of Falcon Field Airport at 4:53 PM.

A Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) spokesman, Allen Kenitzer, mechanical problem were reported in the small plane before the crash.

The Lancair Evolution is a single-engine light aircraft.

Falcon Field Airport tower informed the Mesa fire officials of the small plane crash at Longbow Golf Club, said Mesa deputy fire chief Forrest Smith.

Smith described that when they arrived at the scene it was pretty horrific, and the only thing they were able to see was a big ball of fire on the course.

It was confirmed by Smith that no person on the ground was injured or affected.

The two people killed in the small plane crash have been identified as 53 year old Alan Ram, who was flying the airplane and 22 year old Krista Buchanan.

Firefighters worked for nearly 20 minutes before they can extinguish the fire, giving their best to preserve the scene as much as possible for the investigators.

The Pilot of This Plane Crash was Lucky

The Pilot of This Plane Crash was Lucky

45 year old pilot Yuri Koziy crash landed his aircraft on Long Island, but was lucky enough to survive.

The pilot was all smiles when he escaped the death.

Koziy was practicing landings and was on final approach to Brookhaven Calabro Airport when his aircraft crash landed at around 8PM. The plane crash happened along the Moriches-Middle Island Road.

According to the FAA, Koziy was able to guide the small aircraft into a patch of woods before it crashed landed in the trees.

He was the only person on board the crashed plane, and refused to take the medical assistance.

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