ICON A5 Made a Hard Water Landing

On April 1, An Icon A5 made a hard water landing off the coast of Miami. This is the first big incident that involved a well-known amphibious light sport aircraft.

The Icon A5 was out on a demo flight with a pilot and a passenger. The hard landing in water cracked the hull of the aircraft and the water seeped in.

Fortunately, none of the two occupants were injured. The two climbed on the wings of the aircraft that was partially submerged and were later rescued by a nearby boat.

The two seat airplane was pulled nearly eight miles to reach a shore, thereafter it was transported to the Icon flight school in Tampa via trailer. The ICON aircraft is now being examined at Tampa to find out the amount of damage that has happened.

Before the April 1 incident, nearly 20 Icon A5 have clocked more than 3,500 flying hours.

On April 3, Icon Founder and CEO Kirk Hawkins sent a note to Icon followers stating that this is the first situation like this we have experienced.

There was no problem with the landing of the aircraft as the wheels were up and it was in proper position. The incident will be looked into thoroughly and the information that has been obtained till now indicates pilot error, said Hawkins.

No report has been filed by the NTSB on the mishap.

The aircraft was nearly an year old and was registered to Icon.

Icon aircraft manufacturer already has order for 1,800 airplanes but it is struggling to meet out the demand as the production at its factory in Vacaville, California is already struggling.

A composite fabrication facility is being built by Icon in Mexico and it is almost ready to start operation.

In all probability it looks like an error from the pilot that resulted in the hard water landing of this beautiful amphibious aircraft. I wish more of these aircraft flying in the air.



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