Government Accepts Blame For Cessna – F-16 Collision in Moncks Corner

The federal government has taken up the responsibility for the collision between Cessna and F-16 aircraft over Berkeley County in 2015.

The two occupants of the Cessna lost their lives and a lawsuit was filed by their family members.

Witness describe the plane crash as a collision between a sparrow and an eagle.

The pilot of the F-16 aircraft, who survived by ejecting out just moments before the crash, had just moved out of the Shaw Air Force base. He was treated only for minor injuries.

The two people killed in the crash were 68 year old Michael Johnson and his 30 year old son Joseph Johnson of Moncks Corner.

Parts of the crashed Cessna were scattered in a campground off McCrae Drive and in wooded areas of Moncks Corner.

A lawsuit was filed by the Johnson family in April of this year reasoning that the air traffic controller didn’t responded appropriately or immediately to the alert moments before the Cessna and F-16 fighter aircraft collided.

Attorney Jim Brauchle argued that the controller saw the airplanes closing in and the situation developing. It was not until the aircraft were just two miles away and the closure rate was 300 knots which leaves just 20 – 30 seconds from collision.

Attorney Brauchle reasoned that the controller only advised the pilot for traffic. She should have asked the F-15 aircraft pilot to turn, as she was alerted of the collision several minutes before the crash.

The federal government responded on the matter on Thursday and admitting that the act of employees resulted in subject action and the death of Michael and Joseph Johnson.

Accordingly, the United States does not contest its liability for deaths in this case. However, the government does contest the existence, type and quantum of damage available to plaintiffs.

The government says that the amount of money asked by the family does not add up.

Attorneys say that no amount of money will take away the pain of Johnsons from the loss of Michael and Joe.

Joseph Johnson was a member of the Citadel Bulldog baseball team for the 2004 and 2005 seasons. He was a red shirt in 2004.

Source: ABCNEWS4

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