Garmin Announces Head-up Display (GHD) System for Integrated Flight Deck

Garmin continues to expand its market presence in the world of business jet as it made announcement for a head-up display system that will be supplemented with integrated flight decks. The Garmin Head-up Display (GHD 2100) provides a thirty degree wide angle view right in front of the pilot’s head of the important flight information.

This will reduce the time spent in looking down and will ease the process of transitioning from IMC to visual conditions.

According to Carl Wolf, vice president, aviation sales and marketing, Garmin, says that industry studies have shown that flying with a HUD is safer in challenging environments, deteriorating weather conditions, and reduced visibility.

Engineers in the company have worked hard to harmonize the Garmin’s integrated flight decks with GHD so that a seamless in-flight experience if provided to pilots throughout the cockpit.

Along with flight path, flight data and attitude information, the GHD 2100 also provides a flight path marker-based flight director, synthetic vision and Surface Watch. All this will prevent pilots from taking off or landing on the wrong runway based on performance data.

Garmin is also planning to combine the views from external cameras, for example the enhanced vision systems, in the GHD 2100. Business jet operators will be able to carry out CAT I and CAT II approach minima for ILS approaches with the integration of GHD 2100 from Garmin.

The GHD system is developed for super-midsize, midsize, and light business jets. It is mainly offered with G5000 and G3000 avionics suites. According to Garmin, this system will be compatible with other integrated systems from Garmin as well.

Garmin has found a buyer of its new system in the form of Textron Aviation, who will offer it in its Cessna Citation Longitude which comes installed with G5000 Integrated Flight Deck.

About Garmin

Garmin International Inc. is a subsidiary of Garmin Ltd. Having its headquarter in Switzerland. The principal subsidiaries of the company are located in United Kingdom, United States and Taiwan.

SurfaceWatch, G5000 and SVT (Synthetic Vision Technology) are registered trademarks of Garmin Ltd. And its subsidiaries whereas Garmin itself is a registered trademark.

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