Garmin 7 Inch G3X Touch Portrait Display Introduced

Garmin has launched a 7 inch G3X Touch portrait display, a latest addition to the flight display family of G3X.

According to Garmin company officials, the first generation customers of G3X will find it easy to upgrade to 7 inch portrait display. It includes features that are similar to G3X Touch 7 inch and 10.6 inch landscape displays.

The new GMU 11 magnetometer provides more flexibility and installation options for light sport aircraft (LSA) and experimental amateur-built (EAB).

There are four G3X Touch displays of different sizes that can be installed in a single aircraft and these systems provides for smooth integration throughout the cockpit.

The company officials also stated that the 7-inch portrait display can be paired with multiple G3X Touch displays and can be used as a multi-function display (MFD) or primary flight display (PFD). It can also be used as a standalone single screen having a combination of PFD / MFD.

Common in-flight functions such as radio tuning, changing heading, selecting altitude or direct-to navigation can be performed easily by dual concentric knob and dedicated nearest, back, menu and direct-to buttons.

Integration options contains the display of autopilot, audio panel, remote COMM radio, transponder, Sirius XM aviation weather, ADS-B traffic and weather, engine indication system (EIS) information and more.

G3X Touch portrait display has some more features including synthetic vision (SVX), wireless transfer of flight plan & additional connectivity with Connext, built-in Bluetooth and also worldwide IFR / VFR charts.

Aircraft owners can use all the existing pin-compatible connectors and sensors to upgrade a G3X system to G3X Touch. They are not required to replace any equipment behind the panel. Light Sport Aircraft or Experimental Aircraft that have limitation in space can still install the 7 inch portrait as it offers flexibility in panel design.

GMU 11 Magnetometer

The new GMU 11 magnetometer can be integrated by aircraft builders with the G5 electronic flight instrument or G3X Touch to display magnetic heading. According to Garmin officials, GMU 11 is easy to install as it is lighter, smaller and can be placed in different directions.

GMU 11 magnetometer has the capability to supply magnetic heading to multiple displays together. This feature is particularly useful for aircraft that have more than one G5 electronic flight instrument or G3X Touch display.

The GMU 11 magnetometer and 7 inch G3X Touch portrait display are expected to be launched in the marked by second quarter of 2017.

The starting price tag of a single G3X Touch display is $2,995.

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