Fully Integrated Retrofit Dynon Avionics System for Type Certificated GA Aircraft

Dynon is the leader in light aircraft avionics. At AirVenture Oshkosh 2017, Dynon proves it yet again why it is the best in the trade.

Dynon certified line of products have been announced by the company at the airshow.

This is a good news for owners and pilots of certified aircraft.

For years, they either had to maintain their outdated, legacy instruments or spend a fortune in purchasing expensive, piecemeal avionics.

The upcoming certification for flagship SkyView HDX system from Dynon is set to change all this.

Type certificated aircraft can now have affordable retrofit avionics solutions with this breakthrough.

John Torode, Dynon Founder and CEO, has this to say about the new solution – Dynon’s intuitive, affordable and safety enhancing avionics systems have benefited thousands of light sport and amateur built aircraft pilot for years. The company is all set to spread the benefit to the rest of general aviation fleet.

Dynon Certified systems are the first designed affordable, complete and integrated avionics that can be installed in different types of general aviation aircraft.

Dynon products are already running in more than 20,000 aircraft in hundreds of types most of them being amateur built.

What sets Dynon products apart from other options available in the market are its quick and efficient installation and reduced cost of modernizing aircraft panels.

SkyView HDX is a flagship integrated avionics system from Dynon and can be installed in type certificated aircraft.

Light sport and experimental aircraft owners and builders can now replace legacy equipment with a modern, affordable system in the form of SkyView HDX.

SkyView HDX is a multipurpose avionics system. It has:

  • Primary Flight Display with Angle-of-Attack and Synthetic Vision

  • Engine monitor with fuel computer, lean assist and all CHTs / EGTs

  • Autopilot

  • Mapping with ADS-B traffic & weather, Flight Planning and Electronic Flight Bag

  • Mode S transponder with 2020 compliant ADS-B out, battery backup and more

SkyView HDX has a bright touch screen that can be controlled by buttons and ergonomic knobs.

Suitable for Wide Range of Missions and Aircraft

A range of light aircraft capability will be there even in early STC installations, starting from simple piston singles for example Cessna 172 to complex retractable twin engine aircraft such as Beechcraft Baron B58.

Dynon expects to include more type certificated aircraft in its approved model list (AML).

You Can Fly IFR with Dynon Certified Products

Operating limitations or certification of the aircraft does not change with SkyView HDX. All primary flight instruments, including altitude, are completely IFR capable.

An independent backup EFIS is also included in the system.

Moreover, this system is also compatible with known IFR navigators such as the GTN / GNS series and the Avidyne IFD series.

Pricing and Availability of Dynon Certified System

It is expected that STC and PMA approval for Beechcraft Baron B58 and Cessna 172 will be received shortly. It will soon follow for other aircraft.

You can get the product installed at the installation center of Dynon in the Seattle area, as well as at a number of network of approved installers.

Price of certified products from Dynon will be same as that for experimental / LSA aircraft, with affordable STC priced separately.

The equipment installed in the initial Cessna 172 will cost nearly $16,000.

A complete SkyView HDX system will provide:

  • Autopilot

  • Engine Monitoring

  • Primary Flight Instruments

  • Mapping with Flight Planning

  • Mode S Transponder with 2020 complaint ADS-B out

  • Battery backup

  • ADS-B in traffic and weather

A redundant flight instrument is also included through a Dynon EFIS-D10A.

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The initial C172 STC carries a separate price tag of $2,000.


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