Flying Car DR-7 Prototype from DeLorean can be seen by Late 2018

When we talk about the name DeLorean it is mostly in reference to the sleek, gull-winged car from Robert Zemeckis’ 1985 movie Back to the Future.

There was a time when this was the only introduction for DeLorean, but it is set to change soon.

DeLorean Aerospace’s DR-7 was recently unveiled, showcasing what it has to offer in future. The DR-7 is a vertical takeoff and landing aircraft from DeLorean.

The aircraft as of now, however, only exists as a 1/3 scale model form to prove some tests from physics.

Founded in 2102, DeLorean Aerospace was set up with the objective to bring exhilaration and freedom to masses in personal air transportation.

The DR-7 will get its vertical thrust from a pair of 360 degree vectoring electric ducted fan units. The aircraft will be extremely stable with these fans, according to the company.

The carbon composite body of DR-7 is a monocoque structure much like a Formula 1 race car. It can fly with 2 passengers seated in a fighter-jet style tandem arrangement.

The VTOl aircraft is equipped with autonomous flight control system, but can also be flown manually by flying enthusiast. DeLorean claims that the aircraft can be flown with minimum flying training.

Drag is reduced considerably with the centerline twin vectoring propulsion system (CTV). The fuselage works as an airfoil that increase low speed stall resistance and improve efficiency.

The need for a rudder is eliminated by a thrust vectoring fan system, which reduces the drag further and allows higher cruise speeds.

Initial dimensions released by DeLorean Aerospace shows the DR-7 will be 20 feet in length. With this length it can fit easily in most home garages.

The 18.5 foot wings can be folded which squeeze the aircraft to just 7.5 feet in width. One a single charge, the two seat aircraft, DR-7 can fly 120 miles at a top speed of 240 mph.

The aircraft can cruise at 150 mph. Wait, hold on, you will have to wait till the end of 2018 before you can see the DR-7 prototype.

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