FlexAlert Multi-function Annunciator Launched

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) was given approval to Approach Aviation and the company can now sell its FlexAlert Multifunction Annunciator.

According to company officials, the FlexAlert Multifunction Annunciator provides an all-in-one multi-function display that puts condition annunciations and critical warning right in front of the pilot.

It will simplify panel layouts, save money and increase safety.

The dimmable, sunlight-readable LED display contains warnings for oil pressure, engine low fuel, fuel pressure, over voltage, low voltage, pitot heat, starter engaged, doors, alternator failure, autopilot glideslope capture, vacuum failure and landing gear status for both land and seaplanes.

The company officials said that an integral test feature is also included.

Jeff Simon, president of Approach Aviation said, every year nearly 60 gear-up landing reports are received by the Aviation Safety Reporting System. Lack of clear visual annunciation is one of the factors for these incidents.

The FlexAlert Multi-function Annunciator not only provides gear status, but a number of other critical alerts as well, right in front of the pilot. It has the clarity that is expected from modern avionics.

This aviation gadget is promised to be a great addition for both fixed-gear and retractable aircraft, when upgrading to standalone flight-safety enhancement or ADS-B.

The FlexAlert Multi-function Annunciator measures 3”w X 1.3”h, is small enough to accommodate any panel. It runs on 28V or 14V aircraft systems without modifications.

It is certified to be used for supplemental purposes and can be installed in Part 23 aircraft with minor alteration. Kit contains options for flush panel mounting bracket for left / right supports as well as top / bottom supports.

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Shipments for FlexAlert Multifunction Annunciator started Aug. 1, 2017, at a special introductory price of $699.

You can purchase FlexAlert Multifunction Annunciator directly from the company Approach Aviation at FlexAlertAero.com or from avionics retailers such as Gulf Coast Avionics, Aircraft Spruce and Pacific Coast Avionics.

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