A Different Offering from Lancair International at AirVenture

The EAA’s AirVenture 2017 at Oshkosh is bustling with activity.

There is no shortage of aviation enthusiasts flokking up here to view the endless number of aircraft types and aircraft manufacturer who are giving their best to gain as much exposure and attention as possible.

Lancair International is giving its best to carve out its own niche in this busy place.

The company’s new owner, a father and son team Mark and Conrad Huffstutler, offers a four seat composite aircraft in the form of Mako.

This offering from Lancair International is an experimental alternative to the Cessna TTx or Cirrus SR22.

In an attempt to stand out, the Mako has an optional retractable nose gear system, but its main gear are fixed.

The retractable nose gear can extend or retract automatically at different parameters of ground proximity, speed, flaps and power settings.

The wheel can be lowered through a button in the cockpit and the system is deactivated by weight on wheels.

This change in aerodynamics gives a speed gain of 12 knots. As and when the nose wheel is lowered, the speed reduces by 7 – 8 knots.

The price of Mako from Lancair International starts from $250,000 and goes up to $500,000.

This price variation is due to the type of avionics and engine selected by the customer along with additional equipment and comfort features.

A typical Mako powered by a turbocharged Lycoming IO-540 engine can fly with a useful load of 1,300 pound and cross a range close to 1,200 nm, clocking 235 knots on the airspeed indicator.

The Lancair International “Mako” is available with a number of options as it has the flexibility of experimental airworthiness certificate.

The airplane that is displayed at EAA’s AirVenture 2017 was built in nearly four months in the factory. It is equipped with an autopilot, heated seats, air conditioning, speed brakes and many more things.

The panel of the aircraft has been kept clean as most of the buttons and switches are there in the G3X avionics system. The Mako is available with a parachute option.

As has been mentioned earlier, Lancair International has tried to make the aircraft different.

And here are some more examples.

The control stick has been kept in the center of the cockpit and power levers have been shifted to the left and right side panels.

The pitch of the propeller can be increased or decreased through a small button on the throttle.

The new owners of Lancair International will continue with the quick-build program of the company. It enables the customer to take part in the build process as per the 51% rule.

It will take less than six months to complete the build process. Lancair can also help in painting the aircraft and in installing avionics and interior.

The Huffstutlers purchased Lancair earlier this year and the assets have been moved from Cebu, Philippines, and Bend, Oregon to Uvalde, Texas.

The manufacturing plant of Lancair International is an 88,000 square foot, climate controlled facility.

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