Different Business and Different Service to People

Companies around the world spend millions in providing good customer service. As has been said by a reputed marketing professor, it is ten times more difficult to get a new customer, then to keep an existing one.

Few years back when I was in US, I went to a restaurant to have lunch. One of my colleague and my flight instructor were also there with me.

We had flown to some place from New Orleans and were feeling hungry as it was already afternoon time.

I don’t remember the name of restaurant neither the place we were at, but I do remember the amazing hospitality of that restaurant.

What actually happened was like this.

We all three ordered food at the restaurant, and thereafter sat on a table. After few minutes the waiter came up with order of the two people who were with me.

Another few minutes pass by, but my order was still not there. I was not annoyed, but surprised as to how this could happen. I was feeling really hungry so the wait of every second was looking like ages.

The two people who were with me were almost half way through their lunch. Now, I was not able to wait anymore, so I walked up to the counter and asked what happened to my order.

The lady at the counter had forgotten about it, so she apologized and asked me to give a few minutes and the order will be right there.

I came back to the table and after few minutes my lunch was finally here. The waiter said ‘sorry’ to me and gave me a gift card of free dine in the next time I ever come there.

This was something I had never seen in my country. It can never be seen at places where the food business in up and running good. Rarely do they care about the displeasure of a customer.

After all, their business will not be affected by a single displeased customer.

It was the first time I had been at this restaurant and in all likelihood I will never go back there. The restaurant is a good one and running good, with no shortage of customers. Still, they placed value on every single customer.

I can easily say that the little amount of frustration that I had due to delay in order was all gone.

Companies, regardless of which industry they are in or how successful they are, should never forget the concern of the customer. Particularly, when they have erred at some place.

I was made to write this article because on a number of occasions the business houses are still not concerned about the satisfaction of the customer. It is clearly evident when that business is in good shape.

In one of the incident that I had recently was with a tailor and boutique owner. This business owner sell women clothing and also provide stitching service.

The business is most likely in good shape.

My wife purchased a dress from this place and put it for stitching there itself. To my surprise, that business owner took good more than 4 months to stitch that dress!!

Yes, I am saying it true.

I don’t know, may be they were too busy to give service to us or may be they didn’t considered us as a valuable customer.

In these four months I had gone to that business nearly 6 times, if not more, and every time they said that the dress has not been stitched yet.

It was just so annoying. Every time they used to give me a date and every time I used to come back empty handed.

On my second last visit they asked me to come tomorrow, and when I went there the next day, the person was busy doing some work.

When she saw me, she asked for five minutes still. She said the dress is almost stitched and just five minutes of needle work is left.

The wait of the last five minutes was also over and I got the dress finally after a wait of 4 months.

As I was moving out that shop, I swear to myself to never come to this shop again.

I Still Wonder….

I am still not able to understand as to why this lady did so. She was busy sewing something when I went there the last time. So, she was able to work, but, how come some other order is more important than my.

I was not taking the service for free. Why did she made me wait even on the last minute.

Quite possibly my order must have been of less value from that of other customers.

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