Chicago Aviation Department Sack 2 Officers for Dragging Man off Flight

Two security officers have been fired by the Chicago Department of Aviation for their role in removing a passenger forcibly from a United Airlines flight in April.

This incident caused an international outrage.

The Chicago Office of the Inspector General released a report on Tuesday which contained the firings.

A 69 year old Vietnamese-American physician, David Dao, was dragged by aviation officers from a United Airlines plane to make room for four crew members.

The physician had boarded the plane for a flight from Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport to Louisville, Kentucky, but was hospitalized because of the incident.

Lauren Huffman, deputy commissioner of communications for aviation department, stated that “as we have clearly stated, the department is taking every action in our power to make sure incident such as these never, ever happen again.”

The officers were not named in the report, but it stated that a non-threatening situation was turned into a physically violent one by one of the officer. The second officer tried to remove facts from one of the report.

As per the report, two other aviation officers have been given the five day suspension.

According to the aviation officials, the firings happened in August.

“This incident serve as a lesson to be learned by all the officers. Do not state something that is clearly contrary to video viewed by the world,” stated Dao’s lawyer, Thomas Demetrio.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported that the Service Employees International Union Local 73, which represents the aviation officers, had accused the aviation commissioner, Ginger Evans, of putting the blame on the officers to divert attention from mismanagement.

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Union Representatives have not said anything on the report as yet.

The report from Inspector General highlighted some big confusion on the roles and expectations from aviation officers and cited a failure to bring in practical procedures and policies.

The department stated in July that the city police will handle airport disturbances in future and not by aviation security officers.

The word “police” was also planned to be removed from the vehicles and uniform of aviation security officers and improve their training.

Source: TheEpochTimes

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