1975 Make Cessna 310 Aircraft Crashed on 405 Freeway

On June 30th, 2017, a Cessna 310 crash land on the 405 freeway soon after takeoff from John Wayne airport. It was reported by the pilot that the right engine has been lost and that they want to circle back to the airport.

Unfortunately, the Cessna 310 was not able to make it to the runway and crashed northeast of the airport.

The pilot kept the landing gear of the aircraft up with the belief that it will help in maintaining altitude or may be gain a little.

The condition of the pilot and the passenger is not yet confirmed, but it is presumed to be serious. No person on the ground was injured.

The small twin engine aircraft burst into flames as it crashed on the freeway in Santa Ana.

The pilot of the aircraft reported to the tower that he has lost power in the right engine and he was just able to keep the aircraft from the buildings and freeway.

According to a recording from LiveATC.net, the pilot was heard shouting “Hey, we got a Mayday! We got a Mayday!”

The tower told the pilot that you are cleared to land and also added that “your gear appears to be up”.

The pilot replied back in a strained voice, that he know and they are still trying to gain some altitude.

Just after a minute, the aircraft slammed on the freeway.

The pilot and the passenger were husband and wife who must be in their late 50s or 60s were pulled out by an off-duty firefighter. Both the occupants of Cessna 310 were rushed to the Orange Country Global Medical Center, which is the closest trauma center from the airport.

A witness told that she was driving south on the 405 freeway when she saw the Cessna 310 takeoff and soon it started loosing altitude and banked sharply to the right.

All arrivial to the John Wayne were suspended temporarily after the crash, but weer soon reopened.

According to Capt. Larry Kurtz of Orange Country Fire Authority, a plane crash on a busy highway can turn out to be much worse. The safety of those moving on the freeway is also at risk.

According to FAA records, the Cessna 310 was registered to Twin Props LLC in Santa Ana and it was manufactured in 1975.

Watch the crash site:


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