Cessna 152 Crashed in Everglades, Owner Says Pilot Broke Company Policy

The owner of the crashed Cessna 152 puts the blame of the crash on the student.

Other students of the flight school say, the crashed Cessna 152 carried a bad luck.

Unfortunately, a dead person cannot speak so we can never know what actually caused the crash.

Was it the mistake of the pilot? Or did the aircraft really carried a bad luck?

Now it is the turn of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the National Transportation Safety Board (NSTB) to find out the real truth of crashed Cessna 152.

Alligators were lurking close to the pilot’s dead body when it was spotted by the Miami-Dade Police Department Fire Rescue’s aviation unit.

The Cessna 152 Was Missing for 3 Days

The owner of the aircraft Robert Dean puts the blame on the dead pilot, saying he did not took permission from his instructor or the flight school before he took off.

He try to pulls out clean by saying that the flight school has strict rules regarding late evening flying.

The roommate of the pilot has identified the pilot as Mark Ukaere.

Dean says that if anyone wants to fly in the evening that the person should fly with another pilot.

He accepts that the pilot of crashed Cessna 152 was qualified to fly the aircraft, but he blames the pilot for the crash, stating that “he broke every single company policy”.

Multiple Stories for Cause of Cessna 152 Accident

Looking at other side of the coin.

One student pilot at Dean Flight training has a story which is completely different from the aircraft owner Dean.

Ahmed Mohamed, the student pilot, says the same Cessna 152 had an emergency landing incident last December. He also says that this airplane just carries a bad luck with it.

What is worth noting here is that the Cessna 152 went missing on Saturday and the flight school filed the report on Wednesday.

So if the school policy are so critical why the report was made so late.

According to NTSB regulation, immediate notification is required in case an aircraft is overdue and is believed to have been in an accident.

So why the school remained silent for so long?


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