Avidyne Synthetic Vision for FMS Line gets FAA Certification

The new IFD 550 FMS / GPS / NAV / COM with Altitude Reference System (AFS) from Avidyne Corporation now has Approved Model List – Supplemental Type Certificate (AML – STC) and has received approval from FAA Technical Standard Order (TSO).

The certificate also contains FAA approval for Release 10.2 (R10.2) software, that comes with latest features, such as two-way wireless connectivity and Synthetic Vision along with new IFD100 iPad app from Avidyne.

Approval has also being given for the new IFD510, IFD545 and IFD410 FMS / GPS system from Avidyne.

IFD 550

IFD550 from Avidyne has all the features of FMS / GPS / NAV / Com along with all the functionality of current IFD 540 from Avidyne. The 550 also contains an integrated Altitude Reference Sensor (ARS).

The pitch and roll motion are detected by ARS and it also displays a dynamic Synthetic Vision (SVS) with three-dimensional full-motion views of outside the aircraft.

According to company officials, the 550 also provides exocentric “in trail” views of nearby terrain, traffic, obstacles and terrain and that of the aircraft.

With IFD550, pilots also have the ability to toggle off SVS and have a traditional display of altitude in blue over brown. The system also has a Total Velocity Vector (TVV) / Flight Path Marker, an overlay of Vertical and Horizontal Deviation Indicators and adjustable field of regard.

IFD550 comes with a starting price tag of $21,999.

Release 10.2

The new Release 10.2 software from Avidyne has a field loadable upgrade for the current IFD440 and IFD540 systems. With this, aviators will have the ability to display Synthetic Vision views, obstacles, color contoured terrain, flight plan, terrain warnings, and full color 3D traffic.

R10.2 has the following features:

  • Wireless transfer of Flight Plan into the IFD.
  • Two way wireless connection with IFD100 iPad app from Avidyne
  • Exocentric Synthetic Vision, that depicts obstacles, traffic, terrain and flight path in 3D format.
  • Ability to have User Way Point as Origin
  • Software enablement on IFD 5-series for RDR2000 Radar display
  • Circular Holds – Orbit around a point
  • Enables option for 16 Watt Power Output on IFD440
  • Support for TIS / GTX 330 ES / GTX 335 / GTX 345 protocols
  • Complete mapping of all keys on MK10 Bluetooth Keyboard
  • Wireless connectivity with different types of Apps from third party
  • Hardware option on IFD 5-Series for RS-170 Video display and input

IFD 100

IFD100 iPad app from Avidyne provides pilots with a large format, redundant map that connects wireless to their IFD 5-Series or 4-Series GPS FMS system.

As has been explained by company officials, pilots will have an additional large screen instance in the cockpit of the IFD, which they can operate or configure just like a panel-mounted IFD.

Pilots can send traffic and weather condition from on board ADS-B wirelessly to their iPad which will show up on the large-screen moving map. All IFD customers can download IFD100 App for free from the iTunes App Store.

IFD410, 510 and 545

Three new models of FMS / GPS only are added by Avidyne (with no VHF NAV / COM radio): The IFD410, IFD 510 and IFD545.

All these systems provide Hybrid Touch, Synthetic Vision and has integrated wireless capability. Company officials stated that IFD510 and IFD545 are designed to serve as replacements for legacy GPS500 Series navigators, while the GPS400 are replaced by IFD410, while containing all the latest capabilities.

Availability and Pricing

aviators can directly download the Release 10.2 Software Upgrade for the present IFD440 and IFD540 from the official website of Avidyne with no charge.

You can also save the software on USB memory stick by paying $150 to Avidyne. This cost does not contain dealer charge for upgrading the current systems. The latest version of IFD 4-Series and IFD 5-Series models with R10.2 functionality are in production and can be shipped immediately.

The starting price of IFD models with Synthetic Vision is $9,499.

You can have complete details of these models from Avidyne website.

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