APS Spread out Loss of Control Program to Airbus Aircraft

More than 40% of all aviation fatalities are caused by in-flight loss of control. Aviation Performance Solutions is still making efforts to reduce the number of such incidents in air transport category aircraft.

A new upset prevention and recovery training program has been created particularly for Airbus aircraft.

The APS Airbus A340 / A330 / A320 type-specific UPRT program adhered to ICAO Document 1011 Manual on Aeroplane UPRT, published guidelines on conducting UPRT in fly-by-wire aircraft like Airbus and Airbus Operational Training Transmissions (OTTs).

APS has stated that the program has been tested and refined by more than 900 Airbus pilots in the past three years.

The delivery method for Airbus training has been changed by APS from it traditional procedure of sending Airbus type-specific instructors to different location across the globe as per customers’ preference.

According to BJ Ransbury, APS president, the chief UPRT instructor of the company for Airbus aircraft , Brad Bennetts will lead the new training program. Bennett also serves at South African Airways as UPRT program manager.

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