Air Canada Flight Came Close to Making Biggest Aviation Disaster Ever

Something much bigger than what happened at Los Radeos airport (now Tenerife North Airport) nearly 4 decades ago was waiting to be happened.

An Air Canada pilot had almost landed the airplane full of passengers on the taxiway, which was already occupied by four fully loaded aircraft full passengers and waiting to takeoff.

This is one rare incident and is now being investigated by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

One aviation expert has called this near miss as what could have been the biggest aviation disaster ever.

The Air Canada flight was landing at the San Francisco International Airport taxiway (Taxiway C) in place of the right runway.

Almost just in the last moment, the Airbus A 320 was asked to go around by the Air Traffic Controller. Go around is a maneuver in which pilot is asked to pull-up and circle around to prepare for another landing.

Credibility of everyone involved has been put in question.

First is the apparent error from pilot that has become the big topic of talk in the aviation industry.

FAA investigators are still trying to find out as to how close this Air Canada flight had got to hitting the four aircraft on Taxiway C.

According to the retired United Airlines captain Ross Aimer, in case this is true than the biggest ever aviation accident has been averted.

Pilots from across the country have been talking about it and many pilots have contacted Ross to discuss about the incident.

Ross detailed, just imagine an Airbus colliding with four wide body aircraft that are full of passengers and aviation fuel, than you just imagine the amount of disaster that can happen.

Peter Fitzpatrick, a spokesman from Air Canada, stated later on that Flight AC759 which took off from Toronto landed normally without any problem after initiating a go-around.

Peter added that we do not have any more information to provide and that we are investigating the accident.

What is to be noted here that the airplane was being flown manually by the pilot on a clear night, said the federal agency.

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Aimer described the incident as, this is pretty huge. His buddies are calling and asking if he knew anything about it. They were like a sitting duck on the taxiway and they can’t go anywhere.

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