49th Cessna 170 Convention to be Held at Deming

Hello to all Cessna 170 lovers, admirers and all the aviation enthusiasts.

In case you love and admire this single engine aircraft from Cessna than you got to be at Deming Municipal Airport this Sunday on July 9. There you will get the chance to see and admire 30 classics Cessna airplanes.

Well, as per Mary McClain, the International Cessna 170 Association is holding its 49th annual convention this year in Deming. The association is an international club which is currently headquartered in Wyoming.

A 49 Year Old Cessna 170 Convention

Wings Over The Border, a Columbus-based organization is hosting the local gathering. This organization preserves the historic role of the village in American military aviation.

The club was co-founded in 1969 by Bill Wehner, late husband of McClain and now its members include previous and current owners of Cessna 170 and simple enthusiasts.

This single-engine airplane was manufactured in the mid-twentieth century and nearly a thousand of them were built. Nearly 500 of Cessna 170 are still flying.

Nearly 150 – 200 visitors will be coming to Deming for the 5 day convention, according to the club. Visitors will be coming here from as far away as from Australia.

McClain says that these people own one, owned one in the past or want to own one. There will be a welcome party which is expected to be attended by Deming Mayor Benny Jasso.

After that there will be forums on the history, maintenance and preservation of the historic high-wing tail dragger.

Deming was picked up by the club for its 2017 convention in the year 2015, but the Deming Municipal Airport did not had any information about it till few days before it is supposed to start.

Information Gap at the Cessna 170 Convention

The airport has still no idea on how many airplanes will arrive, what facilities will be required and what is the schedule of the convention. Even the Fixed-Base Operator at the airport had no idea about the convention.

The conventioneers will excursion throughout the week, visiting the Deming Luna Mimbres Museum, War Eagles Air Museum in Santa Teresa, the St. Clair Winery and the Deming Arts Center.

They will also make a trip to the City of Rocks State park and the village of Mata Ortiz in Chihuahua, Mexico.

A lot of adventure and thrill is also waiting for visitors.

Provided the weather allowed, there will be two pilot competitions: one is of landing on the spot which will test the skills of the pilots and the second will be a bomb drop competition wherein sand bags will be used in place for dropping.

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