4 People Hurt in 2 Small Plane Crash near Deer Valley Airport and Tofino

A small single engine plane crashed near Deer Valley Airport in the area of Deer Valley Road and 19th Avenue, confirms Phoenix Fire Department Officials.

According to a statement released by the fire department officials, two people were extricated by the firefighters as the plane went through a fence and lodged into a tree.

Videos show that no damage has happened to neighboring business as a result of the small plane crash.

Captain Larry Subervi stated that two adult males were taken to an area hospital in critical condition. The exact nature of their injuries is not yet clear.

Ian Gregor, a Federal Aviation Administration spokesman stated that the pilot of the single engine aircraft Grumman AA-1 reported a mechanical problem soon after departing from Deer Valley Airport.

The pilot expressed his intention to return back to the airport, but was unable to make it and crashed nearly half mile before the runway.

Moving Up North

In another small plane crash on Vargas Island, two people were airlifted to hospital. The plane crash happened 20 kilometers northwest of Tofino.

According to Jason Kobi, regional manager for Pacific Air Investigation, the amateur built two seater airplane was flying in to land on the sandy beach, but it hit the ground with nose first and flipped over.

The emergency locator beacon of the aircraft activated as it crashed, said Kobi. The Joint Rescue Co-ordination Center received a call about the plane crash at around 1:30 PM.

A Cormorant helicopter from Comox and a coast guard vessel from Tofino responded to the scene.

The pilot and the passenger were stabilized by the search and rescue team, who had undetermined injuries. The two people were taken by the helicopter to Victoria International Airport, from where they were taken to hospital by B.C. Ambulance paramedics.

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The Transportation Safety Board is collecting information to find out the cause of the plane crash.

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