2 Videos of I-405 Freeway Plane Crashed Released by Orange County Fire Department

A new video has been released by John Wayne airport on Friday which shows the exact moment when a small twin engine aircraft crashed in Santa Ana on the 405 Freeway.

The plane crash erupted in a ball of fire soon after.

The moment was captured by a security camera installed at the airport parking lot. The video shows a white Cessna 310 moving straight towards the freeway and crashing on the pavement on the morning of June 30th.

Fortunately, the aircraft did not hit any vehicle moving on both side of the freeway as it smashes on the interstate. A flash was seen soon after which turned into a large ball of fire.

Video from second camera at the airport showed the ball of fire ballooning into a cloud of black smoke.

Francis Pisano was at the controls of the Cessna 310 along with his wife Janan. Both of them survived the crash as they were pulled out by an off duty fire captain from Avalon.

As per the preliminary accident report from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), the aircraft suddenly lost power in the right engine as it take off from the airport at around 9:35 AM.

The pilot made the mayday announcement shortly after takeoff and it entered the right traffic pattern to return back tot he runway.

The pilot of Cessna 310 made a frantic call to the airport’s control tower which cleared it to land and stated that they see the landing gear of the aircraft to be up.

The pilot replied that he is still trying to gain some altitude.

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The debris of the plane crash was spread across 150 feet on both sides of the freeway. Some slight damage was caused to at least four vehicles on the road, but no motorist was injured.

In another incident, a small plane crashed in Washington with three people on board.

One of them is in critical condition, another in serious condition and the third is in satisfactory condition.

The plane crash happened in a park on Thursday night and it almost hit a playground.

According to Enumclaw Fire Department, the two people in serious condition have been admitted to Seattle medical center.


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